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Good news, Pokémon GO Trainers! These two daily features are now available and active for all players! Niantic made the announcement in two different tweets on Wednesday, July 8th. Go log in today and see which Pokémon is your daily encounter and find out which items are inside that free gift box!

Original article: Pokémon GO testing new daily features for playing at home
Written by: Jennifer Burch

Niantic is running another test in Pokémon GO for select players. Continuing to dabble in ways to give players items and Pokémon spawns when playing at home, two new daily features have been added to the game. Here’s the breakdown from the Pokémon GO Blog:

Daily guaranteed Pokémon encounters

A limited group of Trainers will soon get a special visit from Professor Willow! If you’re part of this test, he’ll tell you that he’s been working on a special kind of Incense. This Incense won’t appear in your Item Bag, but it’ll be active after Professor Willow gives it to you, attracting a Pokémon once a day that’ll appear only for you. Be sure to check the game every day to see what Pokémon will appear!

Daily Free Boxes in the shop

Soon, a small number of Trainers will be able to receive a free box of items daily in the shop! If you’re part of this test, the Shop button will display a notification when a Daily Free Box is available. To get your Daily Free Box, simply go to the shop and claim the box in the Free section. The box will contain different items each time, so be sure to claim your Daily Free Box every day to see what items you get!

Luckily, my account was included in the first testing wave. Just as Niantic outline, Professor Willow popped up on my screen to tell me about the new incense and the first two Pokémon spawns tailored for me have been Growlithe and Mankey. Heading to the shop, I have the option of opening a daily free box. In the two days that I’ve played, I’ve been offered items from the Poké Ball family and healing items.


According to the Pokémon GO Blog post, these features will be coming to more Trainers “over the coming months.”

It might not be the most game-changing feature added, but hopefully more Trainers will be added to the test right before Pokémon GO Fest 2020 kicks off next month.


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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