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Summer is in full swing, and now you can turn your camp in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp into a seaside resort thanks to new seasonal events.

Nintendo detailed the events in a blog post, heavily featuring everyone’s favorite nautical bird, Gulliver. The events include the following:

  • Earning nautica anchors to unlock a Gulliver statue, white resort bench, and a starfish hairpin
  • Garden Event: Gulliver’s Port Resort — earn dailycrabs and give them to Gulliver to unlock items like a port-resort balcony, seaside-vacation shades, and the wonderfully named seaside-vacation juice
  • Happy Homeroom: Seaside View — use your nautical themed items to create a seaside layout and get graded by the HHH to unlock materials and furniture puzzles
  • Fishing Tourney: Pirate Life — a special fishing tourney taking place at Saltwater Shores. Unlock special pirate items
  • New summer bugs and fish arrive, including cicadas
  • A seasonal swimsuit-and-floaties item will be available

Check it out while summer is still going strong!


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Written by Bryan Finch

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