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Monster Hunter has become one of Capcom’s main pillars, with the latest entry becoming the company’s best-selling title by a huge margin. Monster Hunter World continues to elude the Nintendo Switch though, and by the sound of things that will remain the case.

As shared by Gematsu, there are “currently no plans” to bring MHW to Switch. This makes sense, both for technical and practical reasons. Rather, Nintendo fans have gotten a touched up version of Monster Hunter Generations, a ‘greatest hits’ kind of game that plays in the classic mold of the series rather than the revamped style of World.

That said, Capcom is working towards something new for the series. While this may not be Switch-specific, when asked they made a statement that they are planning to develop a Monster Hunter “that middle and high-school students can enjoy.”

Via: Capcom Q&A


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Written by Ricky Berg

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