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Last week, Avatar: The Last Airbender entered the gaming scene again in a surprise collaboration with Smite. Taking center stage for the game’s next battle pass, we were treated to an in-depth look during the Mid-Season Update Show. Livestreamed on Twitch and now uploaded to YouTube, you can check out a portion of what’s to come next month. 


Full details of what’s included in the Avatar Battle Pass have also been enclosed in the update notes for the Mid-Season 7.7 update:


Avatar Battle Pass

Free Track New Items
  • Team Avatar Jump Stamp
  • PABU! Avatar
  • The Avatar Loading Screen
  • The Avatar Title
Premium Track New Items
  • Zuko Susano
  • Korra Skadi
  • Aang Merlin
  • The Avatar Loading Frame
  • Aang Announcer Pack
  • Zuko Announcer Pack
  • Korra Announcer Pack
  • Air Nomads Animated Avatar
  • Water Tribe Animated Avatar
  • Fire Nation Animated Avatar
  • Earth Kingdom Animated Avatar
  • My Cabbages! Global Emote
  • Raava & Vatu Death Stamp
  • Appa Ward skin
  • Naga Ward Skin
  • The Elements Level Up skin
  • The Avatar Friends Jump Stamp
Prestige Track New Items
  • Blue Spirit Susano
  • Avatar Korra Skadi
  • Avatar Aang Merlin

In order to obtain any perks from the Premium Track, you have to purchase the Avatar Battle Pass for 750 Gems (Smite’s in-game currency). As a point of reference, an 800 Gem bundle on Smite’s site costs $14.99. The battle pass will be available for purchase starting Tuesday, July 14th. 

While we wait for July 14th to arrive, we can enjoy a few digital freebies. Available on the Smite site, the card art for each new ATLA character skin is available to download as digital wallpaper for free. For your convenience, we’ve posted the links below for each character and each dimension.



Get ready to enter the Avatar State or earn your honor next month when the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender crossovers with Smite on July 14th!


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