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One of the more interesting turn of events with Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been the economic bubbles that have sprung up with its heightened connectivity. Turnip prices are no longer an issue with dedicated services for people to share them and easy island visiting (you know, outside of all the notifications). Amiibo card prices have also shot through the roof as players scramble to populate their islands with their favorite animals. But what about when a villager has no card?


J-Cast News has noted just how prevalent real money trading for villagers has become, citing by name the likes of Raymond, Dom, and Judy — all new faces to New Horizons who do not have amiibo cards. The ever sulky squirrel Marshal is also cited, with his card one of the most expensive on the secondhand market, as are Nook Miles Tickets.

They reached out to Nintendo of Japan to see what they make of all this with respect to their Terms of Service. Unsurprisingly, it all violates them though it’s unknown how Nintendo may approach this surprisingly bright and colorful black market that is Animal Crossing. Sites that facilitate these villager sales can be more easily approached, but it’s hard to imagine it could be stopped completely.  


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Written by Ricky Berg

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