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Update 2: The trailer has now been uploaded, and some new info has been shared in the latest Feh Channel

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Update: The FEH Twitter account has shared an update:


While there was a silhouetted tease of upcoming Fire Emblem Heroes summertime special characters, it looks like Nintendo got a little impatient and shared the full lineup of swimsuited vacationers early. Most of them are from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, but we’ve also got our first cross-game Duo Hero.

One of Grado’s Six Generals, Selena, is making her debut while Joshua and Lute are getting beach themed alts. The biggest surprise though is that earlier mentioned Duo, pairing Radiant Dawn’s Mia with Awakening’s “Marth” as a pair-up I never would’ve expected. Their unique Duo Skill will provide a buff to their allies, but only if they’re from the same games as the two. It’s an interesting twist on the mechanic, and opens the door for future Duos.

These characters will come to Fire Emblem Heroes, alongside their own dedicated Paralogue story, on June 18th. Sometime soon after a Tempest Trials+ event will begin, which will offer up a summer themed Rhys (his debut as well) as a free reward.


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