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Last week, Nintendo announced through their NintendoVS Twitter account that Regions 5 and 6 in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate North American Online Open May 2020 competition were postponed due to current events. Originally planned for June 6th, that day’s free-for-all and top 32 matches conflicted with George Floyd’s memorial as well as protests being held throughout the country.

Now, Nintendo Versus has updated the new times for Regions 5 and 6.


Checking the official rules for the competition, proper times for Regions 5 and 6 have been listed, along with new deadlines to register for Regions 1 – 6. The following is from the official rules, yet modified into a non-capslock version:

Updates as of June 10th, 2020: The tournament for Region 5 and Region 6 is rescheduled for 8:00 am PT on June 13, 2020 through approximately 12:00 pm PT on June 14, 2020. The registration periods for Region 1, Region 2, Region 3, Region 4, Region 5, and Region 6 have reopened. Registration for Region 5 and Region 6 ends at 8:00 am PT on June 13, 2020. Registration for Region 3 and Region 4 will end at 10:00 am PT on June 13, 2020. Registration for Region 1 and Region 2 will end at 10:00 am PT on June 20, 2020.

If you’re not competing, you can tune into Nintendo’s livestreams of the region finals via their Twitch and/or YouTube channels on Sunday, June 14th, at 10 a.m. PT | 1 p.m. ET.


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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