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Have you ever set a record in something, only for it to be shattered shortly after? If so, you probably relate to one Nintendo Ambassador from Nintendo New York; they set a record for the Cuphead level Forest Follies. Hours later, though, a Twitter user seemingly shattered their time!

Indeed, yesterday the Nintendo New York Twitter account shared that an employee completed the level in 1:03, with all bonuses to boot. Fast forward to today, and @mel1bobs shattered that record by 20-seconds. 

The kicker to the record on Forest Follies is that you should achieve all bonuses, in addition to posting a sub-minute completion time. So, what do you think? Can you smash the record?


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Written by Caleb Mina

A father, photographer, and husband, Caleb still finds time to create content about his favorite company Nintendo. You can still catch him riding a Tauros to hatch Shiny Pokémon eggs.