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The latest batch of characters for Fire Emblem Heroes is returning to the already frequently visited well that is Fire Emblem: Awakening. Rather than bring more second generation characters, though, it’s brought together three faces I wouldn’t have guessed would make the mobile cut and includes music from one of that game’s most gripping moments.

Anna, for example, has been in the game since day one but in the form of a general of Askr. While her price gouging ways were still intact, the long awaited Awakening version of her is going full merchant. Say’ri, princess of Chon’sin and a key figure in the game’s Valm arc, is also here though currently without an English voice. The most surprising of all has to be Mustafa, an absolute darkhorse of a choice who nonetheless has absolutely earned his place and is also summonable as a four star character.

Joining these Awakening choices is Mirabilis, an original character rooted in the game’s ongoing Book IV storyline. She’s a new Mythic Hero and a daydreaming sleepyhead, as well as the key to getting the Heroes cast into Dökkálfheimr. This marks the midpoint of Book IV, and opens the gate to the realm of nightmares.

These new heroes and their accompanying story chapter will arrive on June 5th.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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