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Previously we got a quick look at Chrom and Peony, the summonable adventurers spotlighting the Dragalia Lost: Kindred Ties crossover event. They’re still here for those trying to summon, but now a third character has joined in and she couldn’t be more fitting.


With Dragalia Lost’s core mechanic being dragon transformation, I’m surprised we didn’t see Tiki or another Manakete last time Fire Emblem came to the game. Here she is now, though, and like a few other adventurers before her, she’ll always transform into her personal Divine Dragon form no matter which dragon she’s equipped with.

Along with Tiki comes both the second half of the Kindred Ties event quests, and the new Coliseum challenges that task you with clearing waves of familiar Dragalia characters. All the Fire Emblem: Kindred Ties content will be available in-game until the end of May 11th.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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