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Dragalia Lost’s new crossover event with Fire Emblem begins tonight, bringing new quests and characters to the mobile game. The Kindred Ties (Part One) summoning showcase will debut, bringing Fire Emblem: Awakening’s Chrom and Heroes’ Peony in as potential pickups. A new trailer’s been released, showing what the two can do and (other than being yet another Flame sword) won’t disappoint.


Chrom comes with cameos from Lissa and Frederick in his art and a pair of synergistic skills, though only time will tell if it that’ enough to stand out in his crowded element and weapon pool. That said, no training dummy will be left standing once he arrives. By using his Exalted Sword ability, he’ll add stacks that power up his Aether skill, which provides him both damage and self-healing. It goes even further thanks to his Rightful King passive activating whenever he uses up three stacks at once, changing and empowering the skill to Awakening Aether.

While on paper Chrom can do work solo, Peony is more of a support character that can supply a wide variety of buffs. Across her skills she can paralyze foes and buff defense, strength, and attack rate. This has her fit right in with Light adventurers, but when she gains her Empowering Dreams status her Force Strike changes to an attack that all at once fills the team’s skill gauges and applies plenty more buffs, such as movement speed and shadow resistance.

These two will join the game tonight, April 29th, once the game rolls over at 11 p.m. PT. This is only Part One of Kindred Ties, so anyone interested in the also upcoming Tiki will have to wait a bit longer ’til May 3rd when Part Two arrives.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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