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Making your own home in Animal Crossing: New Horizons can be quite the journey. Having to juggle remodeling payments, Happy Home Academy’s weekly visits, and increasing your island’s approval rating can maybe leave you a bit broke and unsure when it comes to decorating your house. With thousands of items available in-game, including different furniture sets/series, the process can be a bit overwhelming at first.

Guess it’s time to call in the experts!

Netflix’s Twitter account for their production of Queer Eye issued a call for Animal Crossing fans to share their abodes. The show’s interior designer, Bobby Berk, would be sorting through tweets using the #QExAC hashtag and complimenting, suggesting, and Netflix-show-dropping responses to a few participants.


This ended up turning into a wholesome thread of suggestions, pattern swapping, and a bit of meme-ing (thank you trash-themed wallpaper and flooring). Original ideas, recreating rooms from media, trying to capture a theme/genre — there are plenty of design directions to be inspired by!


Architectural Digest even joined in on the fun, and joked about making an Animal Crossing version of their yearly AD100 issue (covering the year’s best designers and architects).


Maybe you skipped Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, but that spinoff game’s spirit of trying to design the perfect home for a client is alive and well thanks to this side of Animal Crossing fandom — even with including companies/brands. Not all social media postings hit their mark, but dishing out design tips for a video game that has taken the world by storm certainly has.


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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