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A new overview trailer for Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics has been uploaded in Japan, featuring a quick look at the respectable and recognizable roster of games. Along with that though, more details on multiplayer (and multi-system) options were provided as well as a few quick glimpses of some friends from the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario playing cards will make their way into the game for both 52 card decks and Hanafuda, as well as special cards for Matching. It’s a nice touch, and hopefully other cameos or customization options are included as well. Speaking of cards, when playing with multiple Switches each player can keep their hand a secret by downloading a free, limited version of the game software to take advantage of single card multiplayer.

Other new features spotted include special multi-system play, where you can arrange up to four Switches to expand certain games. The example given in the video shows players making a much lengthier Slot Car track. The official Japanese website also shows you can have larger playing fields in Team Tanks, and make longer rivers in Fishing – complete with waterfalls if you place a Switch on its kickstand.

Also revealed on the official site is another addition to Clubhouse Games in the form of a piano! You’ll be able to take a break and make some music, or even shake the Joy-Con like maracas. Before you go off to rewatch Wii Music’s E3 reveal video, know the Piano mode also supports multi-system play to allow a wider variety of tones.

Clubhouse Games will come to Switch on June 5th.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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