According to Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ head developers, the game could have a plan in place for content updates for the next two to three years.

The information comes from a new interview with CNET, in which CNET asked game director Aya Kyogoku and producer Hisashi Nogami if the game could see expansions in the way of more fish or fossils, how far the game could expand, and if players will see future updates.

Kyogoku responded (emphasis ours):


“So as far as the actual details and planning of the updates, we’re still working on it. We want you to wait for further details to be announced. But I can definitely say that I’m really sure there will be an update and this includes Bunny Day for April. Animal Crossing is a game where you’re able to enjoy seasonal changes throughout the year, and it syncs with real time and through that you are able to basically sync your real life with the game. We want to make sure that in two years or three years down the road, players will still continue to find new surprises in the game. So we hope to create an update that you can do that with.


While not explicitly saying the developers have a two-to-three-year content plan, they do affirm they hope they can continue to deliver new content for years to come.

Kyogoku and Nogami also state that they’re pleased with what they were able to include in the base game without updates.

“I think the release version game has all the specs that we wanted to include in there,” Kyogoku said. “However, I mentioned earlier, because we want to make sure that users will be able to find new surprises and new gain elements as they play for years down the road, we wanted to make sure that we add something for that.”

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  1. Jeanne keen says:

    In ACNH, Could you please add more content such as trees (like pocket camp- the willows), variety of seasonal flowers(t he bushes are great), and clothing. Also needs to be more activity for those that do play with different incentives than cj or flick offer presently. The August fireworks were nice. I think many people will like something for Halloween and the seasonal holidays, since it’s been enjoyed in past games.
    PLEASE add more space for design in your Custom design saved slots on both sides OR better sidewalk and pathway options. It takes a lot of saved space for nice paths, booths and clothes. Pretty please????

    Thank you
    Jeanne Keen

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