Japan Retro Game Association to give out 100 Super Famicoms to families during COVID-19 emergency | Nintendo Wire

In the wake of the COVID-19 emergency keeping many Japanese families indoors, the Japan Retro Game Association has sought a remedial entertainment method: giving out Super Famicoms to families in need of activities. The JRGA announced today that it will be giving out 100 units of the consoles, each packaged in with Donkey Kong Country and Final Fantasy VI.

Applications are open until April 27th, at which point the winners will be chosen via lottery. Eligible applicants must have children under 16 and be able to pay shipping fees, but otherwise anyone (in Japan) can apply. It seems like a fun, simple initiative to pique people’s interest in some old classics and help give people activities in the wake of the global situation.

Via: Dual Shockers


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