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The Nintendo Switch’s portability and simplistic design allows it to easily support games that feature a vertically oriented “TATE” mode. For the most part this works well with arcade ports, but it also means pinball tables can be more faithfully replicated, something games like Pinball FX3, Star Wars Pinball, The Pinball Arcade, and Stern Pinball Arcade have all taken advantage of.

Of course you had to play with standard controllers, until now. Far East Pinball has announced a pinball accessory that you can slot your Switch into, and with a simple connection to your Switch’s USB slot, you can play with more traditional controls. There’s even a motion sensor inside the device, allowing you to shake the cabinet in-game.

The device naturally doesn’t support the Switch Lite, however, and stock is limited, with the first batch already being sold out. You can sign up to a restocking mailing list, however, if you’re eager to give it a go yourself!

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Written by Tom Brown

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