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Longtime Animal Crossing fans have been wondering about a few things since Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ release. Some fan-favorite and notable NPCs aren’t available in the game, certain furniture items are nowhere in the Nook Shopping catalogue, and some businesses are not setting up shop on their islands. Since New Horizons is utilizing updates and patches to bring in holidays and special events, it’s been speculated that we’ll see the same for future aspects of the game.

The topic of Blathers’ museum has popped up frequently, as the establishment is missing its curated art section. We’ve seen the art easel in New Horizons when it comes to customizing patterns, but no canvases of famous works are available to buy and display.

Thanks to Resident Representative Ka, who posts their island adventures on Twitter as @sylvidia, we have another piece of evidence that the museum may be getting its art wing after all.


In the tweet, Fang the wolf discusses art in the museum that he likes to gawk at. At the moment, no such room containing art exists, but this could mean we’ll be seeing something like that in the future. While this bit of dialogue could be from Animal Crossing: New Leaf, it’s worth noting that the lines survived localization, testing, and patches.

Furthermore in the tweet thread, @MelakXD also mentioned blurbs about The Roost:


As for when we’ll see these features return, that’s up to Nintendo. Hopefully Tom Nook can hold a mini Direct after Leif’s Earth Day visit!


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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