You can ward off wasps in Animal Crossing with party poppers | Nintendo Wire

Just picture it: you’re having a lovely day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, when you realize you need wood for your next new DIY project. You find yourself using your axe to shake the trees when all of a sudden… a wasp’s nest falls down.

Now you’re left with a couple of options. You may think you can either get stung, try and catch a wasp, or run straight into the closest building. But, Animal Crossing fans have discovered a new option. As the angry wasps spill out of the wasp’s nest, you can pull a party popper and the hoard will disperse.


So have no fear island dwellers, our safety net is here in the form of party poppers!

Banner image source: Hyper X Gaming


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Written by Meghan Nigrelli

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Meghan Nigrelli

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  1. Becky McDougall says:

    That’s an unique diversion for sure. My tried and true method is carrying the net while I shake trees so when/if a wasps nest falls to the ground I have the net in hand ready to go ❣️

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