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Trials of Mana, the long-awaited remake from Square Enix, has been gifted a demo on the Nintendo eShop, which is available now to download and play. In addition to the demo, Square Enix also dropped a new trailer ahead of the game’s scheduled release on April 24th. 


The demo starts you at the beginning of the game, where you’ll choose your main character and two companions from the following characters: Duran, Angela, Charlotte, Kevin, Riesz, and Hawkeye. From there, the demo works you through the prologue and to the first boss. All in all, you can expect a two-hour affair, and your save will transfer over to the full game. 

For those uninitiated, this Trials of Mana remake is based on the 1995 cult classic video game Seiken Densetsu 3 and is also being developed by Square Enix. This is different from the original game; it’s a full-on remake, and for those who are interested in the original you can check out Collection of Mana instead.


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Written by Caleb Mina

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