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While CoroCoro Magazine may best be known for Pokémon related information, the most recent issue is teasing a brand new title for Nintendo Switch — with not much to go off of, save that it’ll be “a new action game epic to follow Splatoon and Fortnite” and allegedly “utilizes the Switch’s performance to its very limit.” Those are bold claims on all fronts from the children’s magazine, particularly when the game’s publisher and developer are both unannounced as well.

A key visual and brief description were provided as well. The image showed a boy and a mysterious monster in a city apparently modeled after New York. That setting could be a major part of the game, as its premise is one where “battles break out between skyscrapers in the middle of a peaceful city.”

Be on the lookout for further details sometime in the future from this mystery game.

Source: Gematsu | Via Ryokutya2089


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Written by Ricky Berg

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