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This weekend at the Final Kombat tournament in Chicago, we got our first look at Spawn’s gameplay in Mortal Kombat 11.


That beautiful dose of ’90s edginess is bringing all of his tools, including magic chains, a living cape, and lots of guns. We see a lot of his moves look similar to Brainiac’s in Injustice 2, using his chains to attack people from afar. He also has a special move that lets him turn invisible. In this game, Spawn is voiced by Keith David, who provided the voice for the ’90s HBO cartoon — an excellent fit for the character.

The trailer reveals a Hellspawn outfit for Jacqui and a Matinee Skin Pack that includes a Conan the Barbarian inspired skin for Kotal Kahn, an Alien-inspired skin for Jacqui, and a sort of Jurassic Park/Indiana Jones-inspired skin for Erron Black.

Early access for the content will come on March 17th, and the content will be available for individual purchase on March 24th.


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Written by Bryan Finch

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