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Yesterday saw the release of tons of new gameplay and hands-on videos for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Sifting through all them can be a pain, so we’ve compiled a list of all the important ones, plus all the surprises and new details we uncovered in them. Check out the list below.





    • 2:30 – Opening the player’s wardrobe/getting changed.
    • 3:02 – UI screen showing your villager’s outfit and the items that are a part of it.
    • 3:10 – Isabelle and Resident Services, plus a good sample of the Resident Services music (a rearrangement of the Town Hall music from Animal Crossing: New Leaf).
    • 4:10 – The new “unknown brown horse” villager is named Reneigh.
    • 4:57 – Fitting room UI in the Able Sisters shop.
    • 8:11 – Museum fossil room. And hey, check out that meteor in the top-left corner!





  • 0:31 – Opening up your mailbox. It looks like the Mom character from past games returns!
  • 1:09 – Crafting UI (more recipes, including furniture requiring cherry blossoms as crafting materials). 
  • 2:36 – Customizing furniture.
  • 3:09 – Inside the player’s house. “Welcome Horizons” by K.K. Slider is heard playing on the jukebox — a brand-new K.K. song that is a rendition of the main New Horizons theme song. Is it possible we might hear more K.K. songs based off past Animal Crossing themes, like we got with “Forest Life” in Animal Crossing: Wild World?
  • 3:50 – Stereo/music catalog UI. Here we can see the cover art for “Welcome Horizons.”
  • 6:32 – Camera app/filters.
  • 7:12 – Passport NookPhone app.
  • 8:19 – Reneigh dialogue.
  • 8:43 – Gulliver, plus Gulliver dialogue. It looks like players will have to repair his broken communicator by digging for parts on the shore.








  • 1:00 – Inside the Able Sisters shop. A beard “clothing” item is on display.
  • 2:04 – In home. Storage inventory UI. There appears to be a limit of 240 items.
  • 2:26 – Nook Miles app UI, with a good look at tons of Nook Miles goals. Players can unlock new “title keywords” for their passport by completing goals.
  • 3:24 – Nook Miles redemption UI. Seen here is a bell voucher, Nook Miles ticket, a phone case, “Custom Design Pro Editor,” “Pocket Organization Guide,” and several “Top 8hairstyle cards. There are also DIY recipes for a barbed-wire fence, straw fence, drinking fountain, manhole cover, stone tablet, and destinations signpost.
  • 3:56 – Nook shopping UI.
  • 4:23 – Calling an island resident.


Nintendo Life



  • 0:02 – TV shows return.
  • 0:23 – Digging up a fossil.
  • 0:41 – Saharah dialogue. She sells wallpaper and flooring.
  • 1:28 – Celia is seen stretching/doing yoga while Reneigh “Naruto” runs in the background.
  • 1:51 – Isabelle dusting her station.
  • 2:55 – Map UI.
  • 4:07 – Mom’s candle set acquired from present.
  • 5:01 – Interacting with harp item outside.
  • 5:28 – Unseen room for the insect side of the museum. An ant farm wall can be seen in the back.
  • 6:35 – A museum research room with a sign outside that has a photo of Nat, the character that ran Bug-Offs in past Animal Crossing games. Could he be returning in New Horizons to work in this research room? We can also see that ants escaped from the exhibit to consume sugar cubs on a countertop.
  • 6:59 – Quick tool-selection wheel. It looks like you can customize the placement of which tool goes where.
  • 7:06 – Shoveling a rock and shoveling blue roses.
  • 7:47 – A ping noise and a Nook phone icon appears in the upper left corner. Might this signal that a Nook Miles mission has been completed?
  • 8:11 – Player catching a wasp.
  • 8:47 – The UI for changing the island tune. It greatly resembles the town tune UI from past Animal Crossing games.



Key takeaways about Animal Crossing: New Horizons from this Q&A video from Nintendo Life:


  1. Grass degradation may be gone completely.
  2. Flowers still die/damage when you run through them. 
  3. Paintings and sculptures have NOT been confirmed for the museum yet. Speculation: Might be a part of the second level when upgrading the museum. 
  4. Double-tiered cliffs and waterfalls haven’t been seen yet.
  5. There is more “busy work” (collecting resources for crafting) than in past Animal Crossing games.
  6. Nintendo Switch Online is non-essential for daily play outside of online multiplayer.
  7. Flimsy tools do break. Don’t have a solid number of how many uses they have, but there’s footage of the tools breaking/going “poof.”
  8. The game runs at 30 frames per second.
  9. It’s unknown if there’s an observatory/the ability to make constellations.
  10. Getting three pieces of wood seems to be the limit when whacking trees with a flimsy axe for resources.
  11. It’s unknown if swimming/deep sea diving is returning. The museum does not include any indication of a section for deep sea creatures, and barriers in the ocean (seen in Animal Crossing: New Leaf) to keep players from swimming too far out are not present, either. Nintendo Life believes the feature is not present in the game.
  12. Tools take up inventory space, but the player’s inventory is bigger.


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Animal Crossing: New Horizons launches exclusively for Nintendo Switch on March 20th, 2020 — just two weeks from today.

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