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The results of Google’s 2020 Pokémon of the Year poll are in, with Greninja topping the list at No. 1.

The results of the poll include a variety of Pokemon from across several regions, which were all revealed via a video released on the official Pokémon YouTube channel.

Keep scrolling to see the overall results, plus breakdowns per region provided by the official poll website.



2020 Overall Pokémon of the Year


10. Gengar
9. Gardevoir
8. Rayquaza
7. Garchomp
6. Sylveon
5. Umbreon
4. Charizard
3. Mimikyu
2. Lucario
1. Greninja


2020 Kanto Pokémon of the Year


5. Eevee
4. Pikachu
3. Bulbasaur
2. Gengar
1. Charizard


2020 Johto Pokémon of the Year


5. Scizor
4. Typhlosion
3. Lugia
2. Tyranitar
1. Umbreon


2020 Hoenn Pokémon of the Year


5. Blaziken
4. Sceptile
3. Flygon
2. Gardevoir
1. Rayquaza


2020 Sinnoh Pokémon of the Year


5. Infernape
4. Piplup
3. Luxray
2. Garchomp
1. Lucario


2020 Unova Pokémon of the Year


5. Haxorus
4. Volcarona
3. Hydreigon
2. Zoroark
1. Chandelure


2020 Kalos Pokémon of the Year


5. Goodra
4. Noivern
3. Aegislash
2. Sylveon
1. Greninja


2020 Alola Pokémon of the Year


5. Zeraora
4. Lycanroc
3. Decidueye
2. Rowlet
1. Mimikyu


2020 Galar Pokémon of the Year


5. Alcremie
4. Snom
3. Corviknight
2. Toxtricity
1. Dragapult


The poll was conducted earlier this month; by Googling “Pokémon vote,” users were be able to vote right on the results page and anyone logged in could vote daily for one Pokémon from each generation.

Voting ended on February 14th at 5:59 a.m. PST.

What do you think? Were the results expected? Unexpected? Let us know in the comments!

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