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Nintendo of Japan has gained a reputation over the years for having brilliant customer service representation, something that is made clear by a heartwarming story published by the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun a few days ago and shared by Twitter user @SITM_K.

As SoraNews24 reports, the article in question was a letter sent by Kuniko Tsusaka, the daughter of a 95 year-old grandmother who loved her Game Boy. In the letter, she recounts how her mother loved playing the original Tetris but the handheld stopped working around the same time she fell ill. After searching for a replacement or a store that could repair the unit, Tsusaka was eventually convinced by her son to send the Game Boy off to Nintendo’s “legendary” customer service.

After handwriting a letter and sending it off, old Game Boy in tow, a reply from Nintendo of Japan came within the week. The letter lamented the lack of repair parts (the Game Boy was discontinued back in 2003), but in its place was a brand-new unit, found in a warehouse. Tsusaka sent a picture of her over-joyed mother in response.

The grandmother retained her cognitive abilities until she passed away at the age of 99.

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Written by Tom Brown

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