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An excerpt from Sakurai’s column in an upcoming issue of Famitsu has leaked, revealing that the second Fighter’s Pass collection of DLC (which will add six more fighters to an already stacked roster) is the extent of additional content plans for the game currently.

Nintendo decided the characters for DLC this time around as well (Sakurai didn’t have a say). The future of Smash as a series is uncertain to him — he views the DLC fighters as making Ultimate last longer, but also thinks it can’t last indefinitely, and that neither he nor Nintendo are thinking about the future of the series. But Sakurai will keep working, even though he isn’t able to direct any new game ideas — because he wants other people to be happy.

The future of Smash remains uncertain, but with this sort of statement it seems that the second Fighter’s Pass is going to be the end of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate content for at least a while once it wraps up. We’ll speculate on what comes after when the time comes.

Translation courtesy of @PushDustIn on Twitter


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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