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Earlier this week, we got word of a new pre-order bonus included with copies of Animal Crossing: New Horizons in South Korea, thanks to a poster that was shared at the region’s retailer. Excitingly enough, we now have a much closer and more detailed look at the items residents of the country will receive when pre-purchasing the game, thanks to @atsumori_wiki on Twitter.

We previously only got a peek at the totes in the image gallery above, but now we have a much better look at multiple bonuses! They include a table clock, a tumbler with a pouch, a keychain of Tom Nook, and the aforementioned tote bags. While no specifics about the items have been provided, it’s easy to see how cute the themed bonuses are, making all us over here in the US a bit envious of such great extras. Again, we’re hoping we see even more freebies offered with pre-orders here!


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Written by Lauren Ganos
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