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Previously we had word that Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition on Nintendo Switch would be adding in a Free Style mode, where Dante can easily switch his style mid-combo. This alone opens up plenty of new combo possibilities, but today it’s been announced that alongside styles, weapons both melee and ranged can also be changed on the fly.


In the past, you could do so between your two selected weapons of each type, but in Free Style mode you’ll be able to cycle through the whole collection of weapons from DMC3 using the ZR button for melee and the ZL button for ranged. If you want to get to a weapon quickly, there’ll also be a radial menu, busting the combo potential of this game even more open.

Capcom’s not done though, as there will be one more new feature announcement on February 13th, ahead of the game’s release on February 20th.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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