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UPDATE: The official EB Games Canada Twitter account has tweeted a correction, denying the existence of a Switch port.


In the midst of Evo Japan 2020, EB Games Canada has made either an amusing mistake or let slip an unexpected leak about the latest in Capcom’s historic fighting game series. Street Fighter V, originally released in 2016, is poised to release a “Champion Edition” on PS4 and PC – the game’s existing platforms. This was a known release for a few months now and would include all previously released characters and a large amount of premium DLC. If EB Games Canada is to be believed, though, we’ll also see it arrive on Switch.

What’s notable here is that Sony co-developed Street Fighter V and has remained the only place to play the game on home consoles. There’ve even been statements from Capcom that SFV will remain “[Sony] console exclusive for this numbered run.” This makes a Switch port unlikely, though precedents continue to be broken thanks to releases like the similarly circumstanced Cuphead and the continued progress towards cross-platform multiplayer. The Switch was also not an existing console at the time of that statement and Street Fighter V’s release, which could offer some wiggle room to that sort of claim. Likewise it appears that when it comes to the Champion Edition, the “PS4 Console Exclusive Game” branding seen on previous iterations has been dropped.

Still, no official word from Capcom has been provided. Likewise, none of the provided screenshots show any Switch UI elements, nor do we have Switch boxart or packaging. If this does turn out to be a true release, though, expect word on it before Street Fighter V: Champion Edition releases on PS4 and Steam on February 14th.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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