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2020 is already off to a fantastic start when it comes to Eevee merchandise! Not only did we see the Eevee Sweet Choices collection pop up at the North American Pokémon Center this week, but we’re getting a second dose of cuteness with a few more adorable Eevee-centric products.

Dubbed ‘Relax with Eevee’, this small line of clothing is bringing pastels and comfort to the forefront. Two scoop neck t-shirts made of comfortable tri-blend fabric sport Eevee among blossoms on the front and a Poké Ball surrounded by more blossoms on the back. Available in two colors — military green and heather gray — you can purchase each one for $24.99.


Equally as cute are the two matching pairs of lounge pants! Each design is made of super soft and comfy materials in a drawstring style, featuring two different patterns. The pink pair features all eight Eeveelutions “smiling, sitting, and relaxing among gorgeous blossoms and lush greenery,” while the brown and mint lounge pants show Eevee “smiling, sitting, and relaxing among gorgeous blossoms and twinkling stars.” The price tag on each of these is $29.99.


Mix and match these new pieces of sleepwear to your heart’s desire to create an absolutely cozy and cute ensemble for bedtime or simply lounging around! Hopefully this Eevee trend will continue and we’ll see more sweet products hit the Pokémon Center soon — make sure to check back, and we’ll keep you posted!


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Written by Lauren Ganos
Creative Director, Managing Editor

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