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What looked like just another New Year’s image turned out to have a fishy surprise below the surface. The official Splatoon Twitter account posted a glowing sight, wishing all to have a great 2020 from those freakish finned fiends, the Salmonids. They’re putting those Golden Eggs to good use, but it’s the water itself that has the real message.


The reflection of “2020” makes for a nice “SOS” (the last zero blocked out by a life preserver), which is fitting for a species that continuously has their young harvested by squid kids. Looking even further at patterns in the water, you’ll see waves that display “Save Our Salmons.” While it’d be premature to say this could lead to future, greater significance for these abominable piscene characters, we’ll have to wait and see for now. They certainly are a Chaotic bunch…

Speculation aside, it’s a fun use of what’s a common enough practice that we have a whole stockpile of New Year’s wishes from developers. Check those out, and keep enjoying Splatoon 2 and Salmon Run in the New Year!


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Written by Ricky Berg

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