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Nintendo is closing out 2019 by launching a Nintendo Switch “Year in Review 2019” feature for My Nintendo members, allowing players to see and download various statistics about their Switch use.

By going to the above link, My Nintendo members will be greeted by an auto-populating rich page that shows details about when they first started playing Nintendo Switch, what their first-played game was, their most-played Switch games in 2019, the number of hours they spent playing, and the number of games they played this year.



Other interesting data players can see is the three days this year they spent the most time playing, how many hours per month they spent playing, and how many Gold Points they accumulated.

At the bottom of the page, players can download JPG infographics of five different statistics to share with others.



We want to hear about your 2019 Year in Review! Let us know in the comments how many hours you’ve played, what your most-played games are, or whatever else you find interesting!

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Written by Daniel Dell-Cornejo

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