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Today’s Indie World presentation from Nintendo kicked off with a bang, as Sports Story, the sequel to Golf Story, was revealed.

However, this time around, the game features far more than just golf. The reveal trailer showcased tennis, soccer, volleyball, and baseball. And, just like the original, Golf Story will be about far more than just sports, including espionage, dungeons, and mini games.

These sports promise to be just as wacky as golf was in the original. We see golf clubs getting used on the tennis court, toasters used as baseballs, bicycle kicking in volleyball, and baseball bats used in soccer.

Sports Story looks even more crazy and creative than the original, as the trailer showed off fresh locations like mines, a train station, what appear to be ancient ruins, and more. Sidebar Games has already updated its website to reflect its upcoming title.

Sports Story will launch exclusively on Nintendo Switch in Q2 2020.

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Written by Logan Plant

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