Will people ever stop discovering new things in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild? Maybe players will move on to the sequel when it eventually releases, but for now we all get to enjoy constant discoveries in BotW’s incredible world.

This time around, YouTuber Gaming Reinvented has discovered how to kill Calamity Ganon… in one hit. 

In a video posted to YouTube, Gaming Revolution shows off this new discovery. Upon entering the final battle room, Link fires a trio of arrows to the back of the room right as the cutscene triggers. Then, after the lengthy cutscene of the four Champions teaming up to help Link, Calamity Ganon is immediately defeated.

You can watch the video for yourself to see this feat in action:


Gaming Revolution said they plan to post a tutorial of this exploit soon, so we can all try to one-shot Calamity Ganon ourselves!


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Written by Logan Plant

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