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Could a new round of Bayonetta news be arriving via The Game Awards? An upcoming 4K remaster of action-adventure hack-and-slash Bayonetta for Xbox One has been leaked by Microsoft, which source speculates may have been intended to be revealing at the December 12th awards show.

“Experience the genesis of the Bayonetta series with the cult classic, original action-adventure game,” Microsoft’s listing reads. “The tantalizing Umbra Witch rises from the depths after half a millenium in slumber with no recollection of her mysterious past. Immediately thrust into battle, she must vanquish her countless enemies to piece together the truth.”

The remastered game is said to run at 4K/60fps on Xbox One X and, if the leak is to be correct, will launch on February 18th, 2020.

What does this mean for Nintendo consoles, though? Well, given that the first Bayonetta already got a re-release on the Switch almost two years ago and that the Switch cannot output in 4K, we’re betting this version won’t be coming to the Switch.

Putting on our Wild Speculation Goggles™ for a second, it could point to a new round of Bayonetta 3 news being revealed at this year’s The Game Awards; after all, the game was announced almost two years ago at the very same show.

What do you think? Does the remaster announcement point to anything else, or are we way off base here? Let us know in the comments!


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Written by Daniel Dell-Cornejo

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