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One Piece has been around since 1997, and while we’ve gotten multiple looks at Pirate Warriors 4 it’s mostly been focused on more recent events of the series, like Whole Cake Island and the Wano Country. A new trailer is showing it’s not just the contemporary that’ll get covered, as there’s always time to revisit a classic.

Alabasta was one of the first big arcs of the series, building up from events across multiple islands and dealing with longstanding enemies. Many of its trademark moments are shown in the brief trailer above, which also opens the door to several other possibilities of inclusion. The front half of the Grand Line brought us Water 7, Thriller Bark, and the ever impactful Marineford after all.

All of these have been a part of Pirate Warriors titles in the past, but it’s looking like Bandai Namco is looking to make One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 a larger send up to the series than ever when it releases March 27th.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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