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In a move that just about anybody could have predicted, the modding community for Pokémon Sword & Shield is already starting to re-add Pokémon cut from the Pokédex into the game, as Twitter user @SciresM displays by putting an Omastar into the game, using the ‘mon’s Let’s Go model and transferring it to Gen VIII.

Calling it a full-fledged Omastar is a bit of a misnomer — by using a save editor, SciresM was able to edit a Yamper into an Omastar (as can be seen in its unchanged moveset), although Omastar has an entry in the game’s model table and everything. In other words, Yamper still exist within the code; it’s just that that this particular one was modified to become an Omastar. The process took about an hour, and main battle animations look pretty smooth (though the “entering battle” animation is apparently broken, and work needs to be done to accommodate for SwSh’s special animations like Dynamaxing).


While it seems simple to add a Pokémon into the game, keep in mind that moveset tables, encounter rates, and the aforementioned animations are all things that take time and effort to resolve — and importing Pokémon models that weren’t in Let’s Go will likely be a good deal trickier. Of course, with how vast the Pokémon modding community is, I imagine it’s a matter of time before the entire dex returns: it’s just a matter of when that happens.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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