Though the Galar Dex may’ve leaked and other secrets are coming out, there are still plenty of things to learn about Pokémon Sword and Shield ahead of their launch next week.

A new Galar Research Update video has gone up, sharing ways both new and familiar that trainers will be able to raise and manage their Pokémon.



Introduced here (though hinted at before by developers) are new items called Mints. These’ll allow you to change a Pokémon’s Nature to the one in the Mint’s name. While the chances of getting a specific Nature could be manipulated in the past, this item matches the series’ lean towards convenience and will surely save dedicated trainers some time.

Both supplements (or vitamins) and Egg Moves were spotlighted. These have been around for a while, letting you add Effort Values or affect what moves a hatched Pokémon will inherit from its parents respectively. It’s also shown that you’ll be able to access Pokemon boxes at any time, making swapping your team around a breeze ala the Let’s Go! games.

New this time around are Exp. Candies. While Rare Candies are still here and give the requisite one-level bump, Exp. Candies give a set amount of experience to a Pokémon. Depending on what level a Pokemon is, you could see it go up several levels at once when you use one of these. Only one of them was demonstrated in the video, but the XL Candy was able to instantly give 30,000 Exp. It’s a simple but effective addition, making Rare Candies more beneficial once you’re nearing level 100 but Exp. Candies better earlier on.

You’ll be able to see all these features as well as all the new Pokemon, people, and places when Pokémon Sword and Shield arrive on November 15th, 2019.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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