Tetris 99's next Maximus Cup heads to Pokémon Sword & Shield's Wild Area | Nintendo Wire

After crossing over with Kirby, Fire Emblem, and Luigi’s Mansion, it’s only natural that Tetris 99’s next stop is Pokémon Sword & Shield! As part of the next Maximus Cup, which will run from November 8th through to November 11th, you can battle it out to Pokémon music in a Wild Area-themed skin.

If you net 100 points within the window you can unlock the skin permanently! It seems like a great way to pass the time before Pokémon Sword & Shield launch on November 15th.

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Written by Tom Brown

Always excited to see something a little bit different, Tom is ready to report on games of all shapes and sizes, whether they be wonderful or weird (or, better yet, both.) Rest assured, if Nintendo ever announces Elite Beat Agents 2, he’ll be there.

Tom Brown

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