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After being leaked and rumored for months Blizzard officially announced Overwatch 2 at BlizzCon.

Overwatch 2 is being pitched as a full sequel to the original game. It will still feature the team-based competitive multiplayer of the first game, but will also have a meaty PvE component, complete with story missions and replayable Hero Missions. Blizzard promised a bigger emphasis on story, as evidenced by the lengthy story trailer shown at the convention. Many new characters will be coming to the game, including Echo, who was in the Ashe reveal trailer, and Sojourn, who has been in various story trailers for a while now. The game will launch with numerous new characters.


Not wanting to fracture the community, Overwatch 2 will include all cosmetics and progress from the original game. Additionally, Overwatch and Overwatch 2 will both play side-by-side in PvP modes, meaning anyone who only wants the new maps, characters, and modes will not have to buy the sequel.

While there has been no mention of a Nintendo Switch version of Overwatch 2, the Switch port of the first game should be getting the new content. We’ll keep you updated with more information, so stay tuned.

Update: Thanks to a press release, Blizzard has provided confirmation that Overwatch 2 will be headed to Nintendo Switch alongside other platforms. Here’s a screenshot of the PR:

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