It’s that time once again for Nintendo to share its financial report, this time for the six month period ending September 30, 2019.

There aren’t any significant landmark breakthroughts this time around — though the Switch is rapidly approaching the SNES’ lifetime hardware sales. That isn’t to say there aren’t interesting tidbits to touch on, however.

Like the Switch Lite, which launched a mere ten days before the cut-off point and still managed to shift 1.95 million units in that time. Supposedly, the turqoise model is proving the most popular. Similarly, Link’s Awakening, which launched on the same day, sold a whopping 3.13 million units, making it onto the best sellers list. This is even more significant when you consider that Super Mario Maker 2, which launched way back in June, has only managed to reach 3.93 million copies sold.

Finally, there was the Q&A session held with investors. In it, Nintendo re-iterated that online multiplayer is heading to Mario Kart Tour, and that in the light of the Switch Lite’s success, the company will look into bringing more 3DS franchises over to the platform.

The next financial report should land in early February.

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Written by Tom Brown

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Tom Brown

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