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Luigi’s newest spooky adventure will be available for Switch in just a little over a week, which means it’s time to raise that hype even more! Perfect for the occasion, Nintendo’s giving you a close look at ScreamPark, the multiplayer mode that allows anywhere from two to eight players to duke it out in three different minigames while split into two teams.

Those who work at Nintendo were kind enough to spend some time battling one another in the teams — Team Luigi and Team Gooigi — in the trio of minigames: Ghost Hunt, Cannon Barrage, and Coin Floating.

You can get a look at all the games in action here, and for a quick understanding of what you can expect from the minigames, our quick rundown is shared below!


For Ghost Hunt, you’re tasked with defeating ghosts in a graveyard in order to earn points. The team with the highest number in the end wins!

Cannon Barrage has your team using a cannon to break targets, and the team with the most points wins. To make things trickier, the teams can steal cannon balls from one another to make scoring points a bit more difficult.

Coin Floating needs your team to collect the most coins, and the team with the most coins wins. Just make sure not to pop your floaty, as doing so will cause you to drop all your coins!

Luigi’s Mansion 3 releases for Nintendo Switch on October 31st. You can still pre-order your copy on Amazon today!


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