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Upcoming Pokémon games Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield for Nintendo Switch will reportedly include “drastically overleveled” Pokémon in its Wild Area, the vast expanse of land in which overworld Pokémon can be seen roaming around.

The information comes from Eurogamer, which recently published its hands-on impressions of the first two hours of the games.

In the author’s article, they mention it’s possible to have an encounter with a level-50 Pokémon — even when your strongest creature is, say, a level-6 Pidgey.


“The significant difference with the Wild Area is, if you wander into the wrong part of it, you’ll discover that the wild Pokémon can now be drastically overlevelled [sic]. It’s a series first, and it honestly feels like the bravest thing Game Freak has done for a little while. You could always dip your toe into the odd higher-level route on the other side of a city, say, but never get caught in battle with a level 50, third-stage evolution ‘mon with your starter and a level 6 Pidgey. In Sword and Shield it has a striking effect. It reminds me of some of the oldest games in the series where there was a real element of intimidation from some areas. Back then this was because of a fear of the unknown, and a spot of imagination filling in the blanks, but now it’s because seeing a whopping great Pokémon five times your level is enough to intrigue and inspire.”


Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield are set to launch worldwide on November 15th, 2019.

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