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Twitter user @LCASTUDIOS_USJ has dedicated their account to all things Universal Studios Japan, and lucky for us that means we get closer looks at all sorts of imagery from on-site happenings. Most recently, the account has shared a couple tweets showcasing newer photos of Super Nintendo World at Japan’s theme park.


Sources: Tweet 1, Tweet 2

As far as subject matter goes, there isn’t a whole lot of new imagery since the last time @LCASTUDIOS_USJ shared photos of the site at the end of September. We do, however, get a closer and much clearer look at a different side of the tall platform with the Question Block that’s nestled between the two standard brick blocks. And quite a number of photos show off all the large areas under construction, manifolds and all — giving us a bit more insight as to exactly how expansive the plans for the park are, even at this stage of the process.

We’re sure to see many more work-in-progress photos as months roll on by, so stay tuned — we’ll continue to update you with the latest news and images that surface!


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