Picross meets Phoenix Wright in trailer for puzzle-murder-mystery Murder By Numbers | Nintendo Wire

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned Whodunnit? Mediatonic has announced Murder By Numbers — a new mystery-flavored visual novel that combines the classic sleuthing of an adventure game with the numerical grid puzzles of Picross to create a whole new experience.

You play as Honor, a TV detective who gets accused of murder in real life, as you try to unravel the case by asking questions, collecting evidence, and doing all those other bits of Ace Attorney business that don’t involve lawyering. In fact, the music is being handled by Masakazu Sugimori of Phoenix Wright fame, while the character design is being handled by Hato Moa, creator of Hatoful Boyfriend (the greatest game to ever exist), so this is basically guaranteed to be good.

Murder By Numbers promises “90s fashions! Upbeat jams! Sass dialled up to 100! Questionable jokes! Drag queens!” and more when it launches in early 2020. Stay wired for more news in the interim.

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