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Niantic is bringing the real-life Original Stitch Pokémon Shirts line to GO! That’s right, Trainers: not only can you deck out yourself in stylish ‘mon apparel in the real world, but you can also adorn your avatar in themed shirts. Available in Vileplume, Lickitung, Magikarp, and Snorlax patterns, your avatar will look truly stylish:


The mix and match apparel service is honoring the first 151 Pokémon through a collection that’s finally available in the United States, and it appears that the first pop-up shop will be opening its doors in New York this weekend. So really, there’s no better time to celebrate, especially in Pokémon GO!

Head to the Style Shop in-game to view the Pokémon Shirts. Each one will cost you 200 Poké Coins. Have fun picking your favorite, Trainers!


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Written by Lauren Ganos
Creative Director, Managing Editor

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