While his inclusion was leaked a while ago and officially announced a few weeks back, we have finally gotten a full look at The Terminator in Mortal Kombat 11. The Austrian robot himself comes to the game as the first guest character, although Joker and Spawn have also been revealed.

His trailer is full of great references to the movies, especially replacing the box of roses he hides his shotgun in from Terminator 2 with a box of Johnny Cage dolls. The character model looks great, and I’m glad they got the likeness rights of Arnold himself, although the voice they got for him is… not great.

Gameplay wise, I’m very excited. He has a lot more command grabs than I expected, as well as lots of guns and laser grenades. He even has a special state after dying where he goes into “unstoppable killer robot mode” for one last chance to win the match.

In other MK11 news, Ed Boon shared a trailer for a special Harley Quinn skin for the character Cassie Cage. While not an entirely different character, it is cool to see some more DC representation beyond Joker.

Terminator is set to release for season pass holders on October 8.

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Written by Bryan Finch

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