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Today’s the day when Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition finally arrives on Switch, bringing a lengthy RPG from a legendary series to Nintendo fans and those who just gotta play on the go. You’ll meet plenty of people across Erdrea, but none will be as important to the Luminary’s journey than those who’ll fight side by side with you:


Erik will be your first companion, a speedy (and just a little seedy) thief who can really put a knife to work. But if you’re less for shadowy dealings and more for the spotlight, then Sylvando is just the darling for you.


If magic’s more your game, look no further than these two sisters. Veronica, the little one in red, brings powerful offensive spells to the fold while Serena handles healing. Together, they’re a perfect pair — and with their skills combined, your group will be quite well rounded.


Rounding things out, we have Jade, whose martial prowess won’t let you down. She’s not coming alone though, as you’ll also have old man Rab to count on. He’s got connections, he’s got experience, and best of all — he’s got that impressive ‘stache.

You can meet them all in Dragon Quest XI S, available now on Nintendo Switch.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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