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The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening will be on our shores shortly, but some lucky people already have their hands on the game. Luckier still among them are those who have the highly coveted, European exclusive Limited Edition of the remake. Featuring its own unique packaging and a Game Boy inspired steelbook, it’s got more going for it than America’s own Dreamer Edition. Thanks to Steelbook Jeux Video, we have a look inside and it is beautiful:


The front features Koholint Island, looking lovelier than ever, with a light blue owl symbol on the backside. The interior is broken into two compartments, one with a standard copy of the game resting and ready to play and the other with the steel book. It’s fully detailed, with the original version of the game’s title screen recreated and rear details like the cartridge and battery cover.

The real surprise is what’s inside though, as within the case are various screens from the game in that trademark Game Boy screen green. Lifting the inlay for these two boxes reveals the art book, which gets a few page turns in the video to show off character, location, and item concepts. That includes the Instruments of the Sirens, and even a symbol for the ever mysterious Wind Fish.

While it might prove tough and expensive to get your hands on this Link’s Awakening Limited Edition, you can sleep soundly knowing the game itself will be available this Friday, September 20th.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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