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Another issue of Famitsu has rolled onto store shelves across Japan and as always it’s come with a column from Super Smash Bros. Director Masahiro Sakurai. With the release of Banjo & Kazooie earlier this month, it once again focuses on the DLC side of things.

As translated by PushDustIn and All Source Gaming’s nokoloc, with some help from Japanese Nintendo, Sakurai once again reiterates that Nintendo picks the DLC fighters, but he himself has the final say on whether or not the fighter could work.

This suggests Nintendo will continue deciding DLC fighters as we enter the post-Fighters Pass DLC combatants.

We also learn a few other behind the scenes details, such as Sakurai working on each fighter from beginning to end which means he isn’t working on any other projects and is instead dedicated fully to Smash. He points out that after factoring in the fact he went straight from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS to Ultimate he’s been working on the series for 7~8 years straight.

Thankfully he does clarify that working on the DLC is easier than working on the base game, and he enjoys collaborating with all of the different franchises thanks to his love of games.

Finally, Sakurai once again states that Ultimate’s character selection will likely never happen again in the future, so he’s not thinking of what may come and is instead pouring himself into what he can do now.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s next DLC fighter, Terry Bogard, is expected to arrive in November.

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Written by Tom Brown

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  1. jon skinner says:

    Hopefully they just reinvent the series with the next installment instead of trying to do same thing with just less characters, the fighters are what most people play SSB for and if the next installment won’t be able to have as many, best leave this as a final magnum opus of the series to end with before a directional design shift, kind of like BotW to zelda. Maybe port Ultimate every new console generation if they’re allowed to given the right’s contract with each of these companies.

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