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Breath of the Wild is the game that keeps on giving. It’s been out two-and-a-half years (to the day, I might add), yet people are still constantly discovering new exploits and ways to play. This time, Reddit user charlieboy95 has uncovered a new, efficient way to speed up the fishing process. 

Whistling is primarily used to call your trusty steed, but Link’s high-pitched whistle also scares off fish. So, by placing Link a little ways off shore on a Cryonis block, you can whistle and scare all the fish towards land. Charlieboy95 pointed out that you can only use this trick in an ocean or a river; the shoreline around some lakes is too high for the fish to reach.

Will there ever be a day when people stop discovering things in Breath of the Wild? I hope not. Until that day comes, you can learn about every cool discovery here at Nintendo Wire.



Via: Kotaku


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